Why Up&AtEm Travel Features Dance

Up&AtEm Travel heavily features dance – but why? Although seemingly disparate, dance and travel are strongly related. Up&AtEm Travel highlights dance as a unique lens to learn about other cultures.

Why Up&AtEm Travel Features Dance

Dance and Travel Definitions

What is dance?

My dance professor at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Jin-Wen Yu, maintained:

Dance is simply the body moving through time and space.”

What is travel?

The human body also navigates through space during travel, as time indifferently marches on.

Colloquially, ‘to travel’ is a poetic equivalent synonym for ‘to go’.

However, Up&AtEm Travel believes that we can also mentally travel by watching travel documentaries and reading stories set in other locations by international authors, etc.

Why Up&AtEm Travel Features Dance

Dance features on Up&AtEm Travel

Up&AtEm Travel provides insight into dance culture through both physical and mental paradigms. Dance performance reviews relay cultural information from the perspective of an observer, while dance dispatches discuss dance from the perspective of an active dancer.

Up&AtEm Travel: Dance Reviews

If the soul of a community can be transferred through music or its history gleaned through architecture, dance performance can also teach viewers about other cultures. All art reflects some aspects of the culture in which it was created because art is not sterile, nor is it created in a vacuum. Even when interpreted differently from the creator’s original intention, art prolongs a continual global cycle of discourse.

Some dance performances are narrative, others abstract. Stories brought to life via dance can reveal everyday hardships of a people or their values and ideals. The aesthetics of an abstract performance demonstrate how people move within space, approach time, relate to each other and relate to the audience. Even though dance often excludes spoken word, dance speaks in a corporal language.

Why Up&AtEm Travel Features Dance

Up&AtEm Travel gives readers a sense of the choreography, production elements and dancers’ performance qualities; Up&AtEm Travel dance reviews reference other dance genres and movement practices, such as martial arts, to add a global perspective. These reviews incorporate knowledge about other dance makers within the same dance genre, and they acknowledge that every type of dance is a cultural dance. Ballet and hip-hop are cultural dances just like flamenco and hula dancing. Finally, Up&AtEm Travel dance reviews situate works into socio-political and historical contexts.

Read about Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday dance celebration.

Why Up&AtEm Travel Features Dance

Up&AtEm Travel: Dance Dispatches

Up&AtEm Travel’s dance dispatches delve into dance practice and community dance events. Communities have created unique ways to expressively move the body in celebration, mourning, reverence and more. For dance dispatches, Up&AtEm Travel learns a new dance or dances at a social gathering before distilling the dance exploration into a digestible essay about the experience. Readers will gain a kinaesthetic sense of how other people traverse the Earth. Up&AtEm Travel dance dispatches serve to make dance less elitist and more accessible, particularly to marginalised communities, by offering candid and thoughtful reflections.

Why Up&AtEm Travel Features Dance

Up&AtEm Travel: Dance News & Interviews

Up&AtEm Travel also divulges dance news about dance events and holidays in addition to interviews with global dance artists and choreographers.


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