Wellness on the Water: Floatation Therapy & Watsu (Print Feature)

The “Mickey Mouse” molecule, composed of two hydrogen atoms connected to an oxygen atom, is even more magical than Disney’s films and Disney World. More than half of the human body is made of water, so it’s no wonder that we use water to heal our physical selves – whether with floatation therapy, thalassotherapy or hydromassage.

Water purifies our bodies. An adult even once told me that drinking water was akin to giving your insides a shower. (I know it’s not scientific, but it’s nice image.) Even staring out at large bodies of water soothes us. But two therapies in particular use the buoyancy of water to heal.

My latest print article with Times of the Islands, Wellness on the Water, explores the two unique healing modalities of watsu and floatation therapy.


‘Wellness on the Water’ shares unique insight from certified watsu practitioner, Monica Cardwell (WABA), about massage that takes place on the surface of water. Her company InnerWaves Watsu provides watsu sessions in around Bonita Springs and Naples, Florida. I first learned of watsu while working to promote holidays for a wellness tour company in London, and I have to confess that I have not yet tried it… But I would love to experience this soothing type of healing some day.

Wellness on the Water

Floatation Therapy

When I first heard of flotation therapy from a local Taiwanese friend, I immediately looked up the benefits, which included anything from decreased stress to an improvement in physical alignment. As a dancer, the alignment aspect was most appealing, but I learned more about the therapy with Guillermo Fernandez. After a short on-site interview at the Float & Flourish Center in Bonita Springs, I was able to try floatation therapy for myself. During my session, I understood why floatation therapy is sometimes referred to as isolation therapy – and why it is so powerful.

Wellness on the Water - Floatation Therapy

‘Wellness on the Water’ was printed in the March/ April editions of both RSW Living and Bonita & Estero. You can find a digital version of my print article with Times of the Islands here. I regularly contribute articles as a freelance writer; please see my portfolio of print and digital editorial features.

Wellness on the Water - Floatation Therapy

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