Virgin Money Lounge in Central London

The Virgin Money Lounge

Londoners regularly pay and (rightfully) complain atrocious rent. This is why the Virgin Money Lounge in Central London is so novel. The lounge, just a minute’s walk away from Piccadilly Circus, is open to all Virgin Money account holders. Surprisingly, membership to the lounge is completely free, and guests are allowed when accompanied by members.

Virgin Money Lounge

Hold Business Meetings

The Virgin Money Lounge can allow busy Londoners a respite in the middle of a meeting-packed day. Members can even choose to hold meetings at this convenient location. The staff will greet your guests at the door, directing them downstairs to the airplane themed lower level. Digitized clouds on a blue sky drift across airplane windows and aside from a tall counter with stools, the seats also look as if they belong to an aircraft. A large screen TV takes up the front of the lounge, while the kitchen dominates the back. Here you can grab complimentary apples, biscuits, coffee, tea and a variety of fruity water infusions. There are also private meeting rooms, if you prefer not to discuss in an open environment.

Take a Break from Chaotic City Life

Even if you have no need to meet future business partners here, you can simply stop in for a breather from the hectic cosmopolitan life. The Virgin Money Lounge offers a nice space to relax and read the paper – or even simply use the loo. Visitors are also able to use wi-fi and borrow iPads. Instead of paying for a meal – and possibly paying an additional “dine in” fee on top of that – lounge members can take a few moments to veg out and rejuvenate before getting back to the grind.

Virgin Money Lounge

Consider a Membership

Although I was only a guest, the Virgin Money Lounge is definitely a fantastic perk to London Virgin Money account holders. The staff members took pride on pleasing their visitors and were eager to hear honest opinions on their comment cards. They even planned an Easter Scavenger Hunt with prizes. If you frequent central London and need a hangout, perhaps Virgin Money Lounge is the place for you. You can use the facilities in London on any day of the week, or visit one of the other branches scattered across the UK.


  1. Ooo very handy! Have friends who this would be very useful to so I’ll share your post with them!

    1. Author

      Thanks Roma, I hope that they get some good use out of it! Then they can invite you along for a nice little hangout, too 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Alice, there were small coffee tables in between some of the rows of airplane seats, I’d recommend the high top looking towards the kitchen. Otherwise, I didn’t get the chance to explore the private rooms, but I’d imagine there would be better tables for working. 🙂

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