Up&AtEm Travel Launches Mystery Destination Game

Do you miss the days of watching Carmen Sandiego? More importantly, do you miss the mystery of discovering where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Well, I confess I’m no illustrious super villain, but geography and travel lovers can play the Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination game to fill the void. Put your wits to the test and join me on social media to see if you can guess where I am headed next!

How to Play Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination

Follow along on the Up&AtEm Travel Twitter account or the Up&AtEm Travel Facebook account to see daily clues. Each day a new clue about the mystery destination is released. A total of five clues are given out before the mystery destination is revealed in a short video that recaps each hint. Clues at the beginning of the Mystery Destination game are more generic, and clues towards the end will better help you pinpoint where in the world I will visit next. Mystery destinations may be a unique landmark, a city or an entire country – it’s up for you to figure out!

Although my lips are sealed until the final reveal day, Mystery Destination is more fun for the Up&AtEm Travel community if you participate instead of keeping your predictions to yourself. When more people interact, guessers can see whether their guesses are popular or whether another option looks more promising. Also, when you leave your guesses in the comments, you can prove that you knew where I was headed all along.

Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination Aug 17

Mystery Destination August 2017 has just begun, so I look forward to reading your best guesses! Do not worry if you are late to the party. You can head to the Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination Facebook album to see all clues from past rounds and links to the reveal videos. Alternatively, you can play along with the Up&AtEm Travel YouTube channel. See you for the big reveal on 25 August!

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