Travel Photography Tips from Matthew Williams-Ellis Seminar

Since my travel for budget is modest and vacation days are dwindling, I have resorted to second-hand experience of the other cultures via travel talks and museum or art exhibitions.   A free guided talk from Matthew Williams-Ellis at his photographic “Tales from Latin America” exhibition on October 29 was most welcome. He shared some of his travel stories and offered helpful travel photography tips. 

Transitioning from my phone camera to a “real” camera will take some effort, but thanks to these travel photograph tips, I now have a ideas to improve my photo composition.  The organized talk mentioned many other tricks and methods, but these were my main takeaways:

  • Be prepared to take photos.

Don’t just wait for inspiration on the spot.  Plan ahead before reaching the location.  Even whilst shooting, do more than react to the situation, think of how you would like to portray the surroundings.

  • Do not try to capture a very busy scene in one shot.

Select many specific segments to tell a story; take many different snapshots to represent the whole scene instead of trying to cram it into one frame.

  • Practice different techniques, or incorporate certain limitations, to expand personal photography style.

Eg: Take silhouette photos or photos with long exposure or panoramas, etc. Mix it up!

But the ultimate advice from the list of travel photography tips is to be aware of your choices that your equipment allows and to practice taking photos frequently.  Learning about my camera and how to capture my unique vision is going to be fun, and I’m already feeling invigorated for my next photo walk. Let the traveling begin!

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