Travel Mascots: World’s Cutest Travel Companions

You’re probably wondering, ‘What is a travel mascot?’ But if you know that a travel mascot is a stuffed animal or figurine that travelers bring on their journeys, you might be wondering why anyone would bother to pack one for their trip. Travel mascots are great for travelers who don’t like to take selfies, but prefer to take cute photos of a travel mascot instead. Quite a few travel bloggers have their own travel mascots. Meet them below!

Stowaway Biscuit

Stowaway Biscuit is my sassy travel companion, who J found when he visited me in my hometown. He’s in some of my favorite travel photos from across three continents – and he helps me to feel less stressed when I travel solo. I took so many photos of my furry travel mascot that I made a desk calendar of him in 12 different countries last year!

Travel Mascots - Stowaway Biscuit

Halef & Travelling Cy – The Round The World Guys

Cyclone – or Cy – is the name of the Iowa State University Mascot in Ames, Iowa. And you can find Cy’s brothers and sisters at the University Book Store on campus.

However, “Traveling Cy” was a bird born with a different plan. Since early 2000, Traveling Cy has made his way around the planet. So far, he has been to more than 70 countries and on all seven continents. And he has not slowing down – in the near future, he will arrive in new exciting destinations, like Mongolia, Svalbard, and back to Antarctica again next year.
The goal of Cy’s project is to promote the diversity of Iowa State University. In this process though, Traveling Cy has reached his own level of celebrity. Scroll through his official facebook page photo gallery to see where he’s been.

Kylie & Swan Weasley – Between England and Iowa

My travel mascot is Swan Weasley!  He started life as a decoration on top of a highly expensive chocolate Easter egg that is traditional in Iceland.  After spending so much on the egg…and then eating every last bit of it, it only seemed right to keep the cute little chick as a memento of it!  He was unintentionally named by my dad, long story, it came from a merge of Ron Weasley (Harry Potter) and a large bird that flew in front of us during our Icelandic road trip!  I started taking pictures of him at places we went to in Iceland and it kind of just grew from there!  He’s since been to 17 countries (since 2015) such as: Australia, Japan, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Mexico, Maldives and several US States and travels in a little empty Vic Vapour Rub pot, complete with an ‘Adventures of Swan Weasley’ label, so he doesn’t get squished!  He’s only small so is perfect for hand luggage travels!

Marie & Latte the Bear – Our City Travels

Hallo! Meet “Latte the Bear.” He might be old, like 15 years already, but he’s been to a lot of cities, and he doesn’t look old at all. Latte goes with us when one of us (hubby and I) can’t go travel with each other. He became a companion to us of some sorts. And also a model photobombing many famous city spots.

He used to be just Mr.Bear, but after posting a photo of him with the Eiffel Tower in the background, we got lots of comment asking what’s his name. So we decided to ask commenters to give him a name, and we ended up picking “Latte” – short for Chocolatte and in reference also to my favorite drink, matcha latte.

Latte has been to Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, Rome, Berlin, and many other European cities. His next goal is to visit London, and he hopes it will be soon!

Eniko & Cheburashka – Travel Hacker Girl

My first solo trip was to Siberia, where I spent 3 months at the age of 19, to teach English to children and improve my Russian knowledge. One day I found a toy Cheburashka in a bookshop. Cheburashka is a famous Russian cartoon character, who is very popular amongst children. I bought Cheburashka as a souvenir to remind me of my time in the country. She quickly became my travel mascot, and now I take her with me on all my holidays. In the last 6 years, we visited 15 countries together including Australia, Malaysia, England and Croatia. She is one well-travelled toy!

Jillian Michelle & Dragon – Adventure Dragon

This is my tiny kitten who wears a dragon disguise and calls himself Dragon. He’s a character of my own design and the mascot of my blog, so I crafted the plushie myself. Since illness prevents me from travelling outside my local area, I created this little guy to help me fulfill my dreams of adventure.  I wanted a mascot that could symbolize my own ambitions and struggles in life, so it was important for him to be small and frail while simultaneously projecting strength and resilience. That’s the reason for his disguise. He’s just a tiny kitten, but he believes he’s a dragon. Dragon travels the world with friends, family, and other bloggers and then sends me photos of all the amazing places he visits. He especially loves castles, waterfalls, ancient wonders, and other geeky adventures. He’s even attended the real-life Hogwarts school in Poland and made friends with magical creatures at the top of Lookout Mountain in Rock City’s Fairyland Caverns.

Suewan & Amy – RTW Families

Amy the bear has been travelling around the world with us for the past 2 and a half years. In this photo she is posing by the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. She’s a very special bear because she was given to my daughter as a leaving present by her 5 best friends from school. She’s a build-a-bear and when you squeeze her paw she plays a recorded message. It says ” Best friends forever!”. She’s a very special member of our family now and has been on board every flight with us. It’s a lovely gift for our daughter and helps her to remember her special friends back home.

Melissa & Bleecker – Suitcase and Heels

My travel mascot is Bleecker the Atlantic puffin. He’s named after Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village since his first trip with me was on my first visit to New York back in 2007. Since then he has travelled with me to countries in Europe, Asia, and Central America. He’s even gone on a few adventures without me when my friend’s parents took him to Christmas markets in Germany and when my aunt took him to the Czech Republic. I originally brought him on trips so that I’d have “I was there” photos that weren’t selfies but now I also find him a bit of a comfort to have in my purse. Puffins are the provincial bird of my home, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada so Bleecker makes the perfect travel companion for this East Coast girl.

Shobha & Mouse and Bubba – Just Go Places

Here are Mouse and Bubba at Antietam, an American civil war battle site in Maryland, USA. Mouse and Bubba are best buddies and the sleep toys for my children.

Mouse belongs to my son and Bubba belongs to my daughter. They have had Mouse and Bubba pretty much from when they were born because they were gifts from when my family came to the hospital to see the newborn twins. Luckily we had 2 of Mouse and Bubba because we had one for each twin. My kids never knew until they were older why Mouse and Bubba would occasionally come back cleaner and slightly different!

Anyway, Mouse and Bubba have travelled the world with my children and help them to fall sleep in any new environment. We lost Bubba’s twin on a flight to Boston when we inadvertently left her in the seat pocket. Mouse still has his twin though but he prefers to stay at home and guard my son’s room.

Sue & Curious George – Travel Life For Now

I loved Curious George. I love his boundless curiosity and ability to get into (and out of) trouble. My partner, Regina, gave me Curious George many years ago.

In January, I did my dream trip to Antarctica. I had been planning to go for 20 years. It was my first solo trip and I was a little nervous. I very carefully planned my packing to conform to the strict weight limits. Regina secretly put Curious George into my bag. I was delighted to discover the stowaway. This picture was taken on the Antarctic peninsula with penguins in the background.

Madhurima & Simba – Orange Wayfarer

During MBA college, I was interning with an NGO, active in the space of art and craft. I found a soft toy, left aside in a storeroom as I was scanning a few official papers. In fact, there were many. I reckoned the toys were made by children, recently invited to a workshop. I picked up a lion among other animals!

My roommates named him Simba, a befitting name for the cute soft toy! Simba with his gentle smile and cute little paws soon paved a way to my heart. I had little option but not to take him for the next big trip to Thailand! Simba also came to Vietnam, Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Egypt with me. Being a little one he is very easy to be carried around and makes for some beautiful snaps with profound nature at the background!

Vicky & Buddy – Buddy The Traveling Monkey

This is Buddy! I saw him in a souvenir shop as I was leaving a Miami Dolphins football game and I instantly fell in love. He was just SO cute! I have been traveling with Buddy for many years now. We’ve been to a lot of incredible places like Machu Picchu in Peru, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, and Loch Ness in Scotland. I even named my blog after him!

I love traveling with Buddy because I travel by myself most of the time and he brings me comfort. He’s also a great conversation starter; when people see me taking pictures of him during my travels they always want to know more about him and my blog. Plus, he doesn’t eat much and never argues with me!

Katalin & Birdie – Our Life Our Travel

My travel mascot is Birdie from the species of Red Birds, born in Finland many years ago, like other Angry Birds as well. I received him as Valentine’s Day present from my husband when we started dating. Birdie immediately became my best travel buddy. He tagged along when I explored solo Turkey, Indonesia, and Malaysia, but traveled later with our whole family to 30+ countries on 4 continents. Birdie loves warm climate (despite his cold origin), and one of his favorite destinations in Singapore. He spent there extended time in numerous occasions and enjoys it very much! The photo is taken on Sentosa Island, at the southernmost point of Singapore.

Yasmin & Travel Panda – Generation Avocado

My travel mascot has the highly imaginative and unique name of “Travel Panda,” previously “Barrow Panda” when I was travelling to Barrow (which is so far from London and doesn’t have much to do of an evening). At home I have “Panda” (another unique naming!) but she is too big really for travel purposes and I couldn’t really sacrifice my office attire, toiletries or gym clothes for her nor did I want to start dragging a larger bag up and down the UK every week. I started to joke that I needed a travel panda, while secretly hoping my partner would indulge me, and finally he did! My whole project team met Barrow panda, found him hilarious and he became a bit of a work mascot. Since then I have left that particular project but he has continued to come on work and personal trips, renamed as Travel Panda.

Travel Panda is a tiny slice of home that I get to take with me, not to mention he makes all photographs instantly fun. He’s gone on many adventures and for all the locals and guides seems to bring a smile to their faces. So far he has been to work locations of Barrow in Furness, the Lake District, Derby, Manchester and Birmingham (all UK locations) – his favourite was Derby as the hotel staff gave him chocolate biscuits in the room! For further flung travel he has accompanied me to Morocco, East Africa (including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro), Iceland, Cuba and soon to Israel!

So, what kind of travel mascot would you like to bring along on your journeys? Let me know in the comments below!


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