Top Instagram Posts 2017

Although I’m not an Instagram mega-star, my top Instagram posts 2017 demonstrate that the Up&AtEm Travel Instagram account has come a long way since joining in 2016! My #2017bestnine reveals that my travel photos (and insightful or piquant captions, of course) have received 28,000+ likes. I never post all my photos in order, though, so this blog will share stories, behind the scenes info and reveal when I actually snapped the pics! Thanks for following along on my top Instagram posts 2017.

10. Coastline in Sardinia, Italy

2015. I snagged an unexpected spot on this trip with my sister-in-law when her mother could no longer travel. After landing at the Algero airport, our first stop brought us to La Maddalena, an archipelago between the Italian island of Sardinia and the French island of Corsica. We spent one day aboard the ship you can spot in the background, touring a handful of these islands and their beaches.

9. The London Eye in London, England

2015.Β I snapped this photo of the London Eye ferris wheel as I took my mom around the city. I must admit I was a pretty poor tour guide, as I hadn’t quite settled intoΒ expat life, yet. But we managed! The grey sky is overall representative of London’s weather, but luckily, most of her stay was sunny. The London Eye is a fun way to view the city from above.

8. Spring Blooms in Madison, Wisconsin, USA

2013.Β Hello!Β Photos featuring myself were incredibly rare on my Instagram feed. When I write, I like to showcase the destination; so my Instagram photos tend to highlight the places I travel, instead of myself. But the springtime cherry blossoms in London inspired me to share a shot from a time I was still dancing and modeling for creative photo shoots. And while the London cherry blossoms are magnificent in some areas, a trip to Japan during sakura is really unrivaled.

This shot was taken by Kathryn Pearcy Photography.

7. Chinatown in London, England

2016.Β This is one of the first photos I shot with my new (now not so new, but still awesome) camera! While wandering around London’s Chinatown, the bright red lanterns in front of the intricate gate caught my eye. Although a world city, I honestly think that London can be so drab at times. Eg: Citizens tend to dress in funeral colors and light neutrals. But, to look on the bright side, in this environment a bit of vibrancy is much more noticeable and appreciated!

6. Ships Sailing La Maddalena in Sardinia, Italy

2015.Β Ahhh, back to the sparkling sea surrounding the Sardinian islands in La Maddalena… We were on the ship when I snapped this travel pic, just about to eat a dish of spicy seafood pasta. My sister-in-law asked for Parmesan cheese to put on the dish, and she was accommodated… But we were told that this is a “no no” for Italians, who do not like to mix cheese and seafood.

5. 1000 Pandas in Taipei, Taiwan

2014. Although I spent a significant amount of time in Taiwan, it took me a while to understand the “cute” culture in all of Asia. I was a little weirded out by grown-ups buying stationery with cartoon animals and unashamedly toting umbrellas with Hello Kitty. (Not to mention, for the longest time, I just didn’t “get” the whole peace sign gesture in photos…) But the display of 1600 pandas was way too cute to pass up!

4. Cherry Blossoms in Surrey, England

2017.Β Fast forward a few years, and I still love spring blooms – especially cherry blossoms. I diligently returned to this park, day after day, sitting beneath the trees as their tiny pink buds sprouted, flowered and blew off the branches, wistfully dropping onto the earth. This photo is not only one of my top Instagram posts 2017; it is one of my personal favorite photos from 2017. The lighting was perfect that afternoon.