St. Kitts Rum Tasting and Cocktails

St. Kitts Rum

The St. Kitts rum tasting and cocktails evening was the perfect antidote to London’s typical, dreary winter weather. Rum is typically associated with warm, tropical countries, but St. Kitts rum may be overlooked because St. Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country in the Western hemisphere. Even so, a rum distillery has been unearthed on St. Kitts, dating before the residents on Barbados named the spirit “rumbullion.”

St. Kitts Rum

As most people know, rum is an alcohol, made from distilling sugarcane. Generally, molasses is used to produce the spirit, but French varieties of rum (distinguished by the label rhum) are made from fresh sugar cane. Although often paired with Coca Cola or fruity juices, rum drinkers are more commonly enjoying the spirit neat and in signature cocktails.

St. Kitts Rum

Dispelling Rum Myths

Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador, took time to educate us about rum, disillusioning us of some common rum myths. For instance, I learned that not all aged rum is dark. While aged rum does turn darker, when it is run through charcoal, the color is removed; hence, some aged rums that are clear.

St. Kitts

Also, while pirates drank rum – as famously depicted by the riduclous[ly endearing] Captain Jack Sparrow, they also drank other spirits such as port wine. And, interestingly enough, the number on a bottle of rum does not always represent its true age. Some products market the average age of the rum, which is manipulated with the use of a Solera.

St. Kitts Rum Tasting

St. Kitts Rum Cocktails

Next, Ian demonstrated how to make four unique cocktails with St. Kitts rum. Brimstone Hill, named after the UNESCO World Heritage Site, combines Belmont Gold Rum with lychee juice. The Brinley’s Milk dessert cocktail incorporates Brinley Vanilla Rum with cream of coconut puree and a dash of nutmeg. The Kitspresso (espresso) Martini doubles up on St. Kitts rum and is served with both Cane Spirits Ritchmont and Brinley Coffee Rum.

St. Kitts Rum Tasting

Daiquiri Race

Surprisingly, we were required to put our new mixology knowledge to the test in a daiquiri race. We each approached the bar to whip up a daiquiri as quickly as possible. We raced against the clock as we poured our choice of rum and sweeteners into the shaker with lime juice and ice. I definitely didn’t win, but I was just glad to finish since I was “competing” with one arm in a sling!

St. Kitts

St. Kitts Attractions

Once the adrenaline rush of our daiquiri race ran out, we chatted over tropical-inspired canapés: plantain and sweet potato fritters, different skewers with chicken and roast peppers, pastries topped with savory mushrooms and pastries topped with baby shrimp and avocado. But aside from the St. Kitts rum and seafood, the island is an incredible destination for scuba diving. Outdoors enthusiasts will also enjoy exploring the rainforest and hiking to earn beautiful vistas. St. Kitts is also popular for travellers looking to golf, unwind in a spa or marry the love of their life on the beach!

St. Kitts Rum Tasting

Which aspect of St. Kitts most intrigues you? And did you learn anything new about rum? Let me know in the comments below!

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