Up&AtEm Travel Interview on She Roams Solo

On International Women’s Day, She Roams Solo published an interview with freelance travel writer and Up&AtEm Travel founder, Alison Roberts-Tse, about solo female travel. The new website and online community, abbreviated as SRS, focuses on issues that independent female travelers may face while abroad. The impulse behind the creation of She Roams Solo is to “encourage women EVERYWHERE that it is safe to travel alone.” The SRS community invites women travelers to share their travel tales, to connect with other inspirational travelers and to discuss all aspects of female solo travel.

Solo Female Travel

A few short years ago, I would not have believed all of the places that I would eventually visit on my own. As mentioned in the interview, it all began with booking a one way plane ticket to Taiwan for half a year by myself. Since then I have also spent time as a female solo traveler in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, New York City, Dublin, Paris and more. And the impetus to travel solo has nothing to do with not having a significant other (travel happily brought me my husband!) or not being able to coordinate trips with friends. Independent travel is incredibly rewarding. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Up&AtEm Travel Interview on She Roams Solo

So I invite you to peek at my interview on She Roams Solo, which poses deep questions such as: “How do your experiences of traveling alone compare to traveling with someone?” / “What are your thoughts on traveling alone as a women and the issue of safety?” / “What has traveling alone taught you?” And my personal favorite: “What advice would you give to someone who is looking to travel alone but is too scared?” And I would love to hear your thoughts below!



  1. Solo travel can be so incredible. It’s not always perfect, but that’s exactly what life is all about, right?

    1. Author

      Definitely! We can get so obsessed planning the “perfect” trip, but there is so much more to travel. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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