Sea of Bluebells at Hucking Estate

Bluebells flower each spring, dotting the ground with indigo blossoms – which, at the height of their beauty – spread out and blanket the ground in a sea of soft blue. The seasonal spectacle of bluebells at Hucking Estate is particularly mesmerizing and worth a visit. Delicate blooms in the shaded forest enchant the eye; the delightful scene would be the perfect fairy set for “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Enjoy the magic of these gorgeous blooms, but take care not to trod upon them or pick them to allow others the same spectacular view.

The signs ask visitors not to pick the bluebells at Hucking Estate so that everyone else can enjoy the beautiful natural display of flowers. Although we spied one woman sheepishly carrying the flowers away from the site on our walk, all of the other guests were respectful of the rule.

These are my favorite photos of bluebells at Hucking Estate from May 2015, and I look forward to viewing them again this upcoming spring – followed by a field full of poppies in the summer!


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