Warm Sanibel Welcome: Bridge Drive Time-Lapse

A semi-dazed and joyful expression illuminates my mom’s face as she opens her arms in a welcoming gesture. Eyes twinkling and head shaking subconsciously, she is at a loss for words as she attempts to describe the feeling that overcomes her when she drives the long Sanibel Island causeway that delivers her back home on Sanibel Island. The small island haven is a tourist favorite for seashells, and became Arthur Frommer’s number one world destination at the end of 2011. 

The Sanibel island causeway is composed of three bridges, rebuilt in 2007, which spans 2.8 miles over the furthest reaches of the Gulf of Mexico and man-made islands between mainland Florida and Sanibel Island (Sanibel Trails). The first bridge from Fort Myers is the steepest and most dramatic; the ascent inspires the delusion that you are climbing straight into the heavens – particularly when there is no vehicle ahead to obstruct the magnificent view.

Check out my 18 second time-lapse video of the beautiful journey back onto the island amidst lines of palm trees, soaring pelicans and an enchantingly dusky sky of blues, pinks and gold. Coming home never felt so good.*

*My brother was kindly playing chauffeur for me when I took this video.

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