Mystery Destination AUG 2018 Announcement

Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination Game

Hey super sleuths, I introduced the Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination game to the blog a while ago. However, it has been a year since I posted my last set of clues and videos, so I am going to remind you of the premise of Mystery Destination. The concept is really simple. Once you understand, you can play future versions from the beginning as I release clues daily across the Up&AtEm Travel social media channels. But no worries, you can still catch up and the Mystery Destination AUG 2018 game here, too.

Instead of creating a Facebook announcement every time before I travel, I will post a daily clue, so you travel enthusiasts can determine where I’ll be headed next. The clues will reveal whether you are trying to guess a country, region/state or a city, and I won’t always share the the most obvious hints. I know you guys are smart, so posting more obscure facts makes the Mystery Destination game more fun and challenging – and rewarding if you do guess correctly.

The daily clues will continue for five days on the Up&AtEm Travel Facebook account, Up&AtEm Travel Twitter account and the Up&AtEm Travel Google+ account. During this time, I will respond to all of your comments; however, I won’t say whether you’re right or not… Not just yet! You can, however, debate where the collection of clues point with other traveling Mystery Destination participants. But you never know; perhaps the next days’ clue will make you change your mind!

At the end of the five days (and five hints), I will post a summary Mystery Destination blog with a re-cap of all of the clues (just like this), which links to the Up&AtEm Travel YouTube video. Bonus: if you read the blog post, you’ll get extra clue commentary. And the video will finally reveal the mystery destination.

Sure you could just do a reverse search for the destination online. But it’s a lot more enjoyable if you test your wits, rather than your search skills, and see if you can figure out the Mystery Destination without assistance!

So, without further adieu, here are the Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination clues for August 2018.

Mystery Destination - Up&AtEm Travel AUG 2018

I hadn’t realized that this was one of the world’s happiest cities… But it makes me more excited to go and have a nice little break! (That’s another hint, if you happen to know where I live and which destinations would only warrant a short travel break.)

Mystery Destination - Up&AtEm Travel AUG 2018

I always carry a water bottle with my on my travels, and I can get quite bent out of shape when I can’t find any water fountains to re-fill it. I’m glad I won’t have to worry about getting dehydrated here. On the other hand, hopefully they have public toilets, too!

Mystery Destination - Up&AtEm Travel AUG 2018

This may or may not be a helpful clue. The Romans did occupy quite a few places…

Mystery Destination - Up&AtEm Travel AUG 2018

I have to say that I never associated this city with techno. But I’m curious to hear what destinations are running through your mind!

Mystery Destination - Up&AtEm Travel AUG 2018

Note that this isn’t the largest clock face – it’s the largest church clock face. Is that even helpful? I confess, this clue wouldn’t have helped me.

Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination AUG 2018

So, that’s the five clues for the Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination AUG 2018 game! Have you guessed where I’ll be traveling?

Ta-Da! Now you know…

Switzerland will be the 28th country that I visit. And, if you haven’t, watch the video to see exactly where I’m headed in Switzerland. If you want to know where else I have travelled and to find destination-related posts, click through to see all of the Up&AtEm Travel Destinations.

Did you figure out the Mystery Destination? And where are your travel plans next taking you? It’s your turn to share in the comments!

Want to play more? Dig through the Mystery Destinations archive.

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