Miss Tunica Beachwear Review

My Miss Tunica beachwear arrived at my parents’ house in Florida a few weeks before me. Leaving dreary autumnal London behind along with all of my jumpers (translation: sweaters), I was excited to try on my new tunic.

Miss Tunica Beachwear

Although their entire inventory was full of bold colors and bright motifs, I opted for the warm wild sunset pattern to complement my red and coral swimsuits. (Or ‘bathing costumes,’ if you’re British.) For a more classic look, Miss Tunica beachwear also offers solid white and black cover-ups with elegant embellishments.

Miss Tunica Beachwear

The quality of Miss Tunica was apparent as soon as I lifted the silky fabric from the package. Thankfully, the tunic is not actually made from silk, which can chafe when wet. This cover-up garment not only looks pretty; it dries quickly over a wet bathing suit.

Miss Tunica Beachwear

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The Miss Tunica beachwear was made perfectly square with even hems. The beading and sequins in the decorative neckline were all carefully sewn and dispersed evenly, but even so, a small package of spare pieces accompanied the garment.

Miss Tunica Beachwear

I selected Miss Tunica’s “Maya” style because I like to wear loose, flowing garments. I also chose the short Maya Wild Sunset model because I’m short – and I didn’t look like I was drowning in a swath of fabric. I felt that this Miss Tunica beachwear apparel was flattering, and I appreciated the extra hems near the torso to keep the poncho-style garment in place.

Miss Tunica Beachwear

Miss Tunica beachwear also provides a range of jewellery: necklaces, rings, belts and beach shoes. The sole-less sandal is essentially an anklet connected to a toe ring. The Belize foot jewellery fit my child-sized feet and easily adjusted to fit my mom’s normal sized feet.

Miss Tunica Beachwear

A tiny section of the sole-less beach sandal appeared copper instead of gold, so I believe they tarnish easily and would not wear them to the beach or in the water. They’re great for hanging out on the poolside, though, or for treading around on a boat deck. And as for the the Miss Tunica beachwear swimsuit cover-up? It’s a new warm weather vacation staple for me!

Let me know which patterns and styles you adore in the comments… I expect it won’t be too long until I see people matching me on the beach!

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Shout out: Thanks to my loving mother, who helped me to snap these pics!

Disclosure: Up&AtEm Travel was provided a sample of Miss Tunica beachwear’s Maya Wild Sunset tunic and the Belize foot jewellery for the product review. The above review, as with all Up&AtEm Travel reviews, is fair and honest.  

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