Mayfield Lavender Fields in England

On my first full day in London, J surprised me with a picnic at the lovely lavender fields in Mayfield. From afar the abundance of tiny purple flecks at Mayfield Lavender merged into a lavender sea, bordered by a verdant tree-line. Strolling through the idyllic violet fields, with the calming scent of lavender wafting in the air, was magical. Other visitors included merry-goers parading through the neatly maintained rows of plants and fat, fuzzy bumblebees buzzing near the purple buds.


We ambled to the secluded back edge of the property, where the flowers were more vibrant. After a survey of the grounds, we passed on the covered picnic area and opted for a bench near the trunk of a full tree that umbrella-ed open under the serene blue sky of blue and white clouds. We sat sipping tea and drinking in the peaceful ambiance.

Since 2015, a £1 fee has been added for car parking and visitors, but a few pounds are nothing in exchange for a lovely, refreshing day. Visit when the fields are open from about June to mid-September.



    1. It looks like you’re a London native? Hopefully you can check it out next spring! 🙂

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