Travel Pass Feature

Up&AtEm Travel has recently been featured in the second edition of the newly launched Travel Pass magazine, a lifestyle magazine for travelers. The quarterly digital magazine serves to inspire those who do not yet consider themselves “travelers” and attempts to showcase a variety of travel styles. After all, what suits luxury travelers may bore cultural travelers; and those interested in city breaks may not want to follow in the footsteps of long-term backpackers and adventure travelers.

The Travel PasMagazine Team

Currently, three ladies make up the Travel Pass team. Heading the team as the Founder, Publisher and Editor-In-Chief is Kansas native Elisabeth Caraballo. Marjorie Langas is employed as the Creative/Art Director, and Nikki Stearns’ has taken up post as the Associate Editor, as well as the Health & Nutrition contributor. And while anyone may pitch a story to Travel Pass, there is a team of regular contributors, including yours truly.

Up&AtEm Travel Interview & Features with Travel Pass

You can download Volume 1, Issue 2 of Travel Pass magazine (free of charge) to check out my interview from page 30. I am happy to be featured alongside the effervescent Sandra, from The Sandra Stories, whom I met this past spring at the Traverse ’17 conference in London. You can find out what kind of traveler [I think] I am, why I became an expat [again], why I began my blog and tons more! You can even see a collection of travel photos from my past few years on 3 continents. Do let me know once you give it a glance over, and feel free to share your thoughts below.

PS. If you happen to get hooked and download the first issue, you can also find my top 5 travel tips to survive long haul flights! Or you can click through the website to read my “verdict on Parisians,” which I penned after my first solo trip to City of Lights.