HIPCHIPS Christmas Dinner

Have you heard of #Crispmas? The HIPCHIPS Christmas dinner in Soho offers Londoners a fun, festive snacking option. Whether the Christmas work party dinner disappointed again – or you need a holiday foodie fix before the 25th – HIPCHIPS Christmas dinner includes three seasonal dips to accompany their hand-made potato crisps.

HIPCHIPS Christmas Dinner

HIPCHIPS only serves American style potato chips (rather than the British chip shop version) and dips, along with a selection of drinks. This has caused HIPCHIPS to be likened to the Cereal Killer café, classified as “gimmicky” and written off by some local Londoners. However, the chips are crafted with colourful English heritage and vintage potatoes, and the dips are much nicer than the gloopy concoctions found in the grocery stores.

HIPCHIPS Christmas Dinner

Complete HIPCHIPS newbies, my friend and I admired the vibrant crisps cut out of seasonal spuds behind the glass case. (HIPCHIPS lists highland burgundy, violetta, salad blue and Shetland black varieties on their website.) Rather than selecting only sweet or only salty chips, we opted for a combination of both.

HIPCHIPS Christmas Dinner

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Crisps nestled into our monstrous box alongside six different dips, we happily tucked into our feast. The HIPCHIPS Christmas dinner began with a smoked salmon dip with pickled cucumbers. The meaty main was represented with a turkey pâté, crumbs of stuffing and cranberry sauce. We finished off the meal, a creamy Christmas pudding and brandy sauce, only to start in on three other dips: katsu curry, jalapeño-coriander-and-lime and caramel apple. We found the chips and accompaniments perfectly delish – and moreish!

HIPCHIPS Christmas Dinner

Although spending more than a tenner for potato crisps and dips may sound astonishing, these aren’t run of the mill product that you mindlessly snack on in front of the TV. HIPCHIPS is a great place to socialise; and a large box with six dips could easily satisfy a group of four, coming out to less than £3 per person before adding drinks.

HIPCHIPS Christmas Dinner


You can find HIPCHIPS at 49 Old Compton Street in Soho, London.

A small box + 2 dips = £4.50

A medium box + 3 dips = £6.75

A large box + 6 dips = £11.50 

If you can’t bring your whole party to the HIPCHIPS venue, HIPCHIPS can also be carried out, ordered through delivery services or presented as a gift (with vouchers ranging from £10 – £50).

HIPCHIPS Christmas Dinner

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Disclosure: Up&AtEm Travel was provided with a large box of HIPCHIPS for an honest review. For reviews, guest blogs and more – contact me for collaborations.  

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