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Trips of a Lifetime.” (Jan 13, 2017). Rachel’s Ruminations.
Sardinia is home to sparkling seas, incredible sea food and perfectly attunes you to ‘la dolce vita.’


European City Break Inspiration.” (Nov 30, 2016). Eat Sleep Love Travel.
In addition to hosting a cheese festival, Trujillo in Spain is all-around charming.

Travelling in South Korea: An Experience with the Korean Police Force.” (Aug 15, 2016.) BonAppetour.
Well, now I can check off “riding in a police car” off my bucket list![/three_fourth_last]

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Interactive Travel: PokemonGO Alternatives.” (Aug 8, 2016.) Traveldudes.
PokemonGO helps you exercise, but these apps help you travel!


Top 10 Holiday Planning Tips.” (Aug 2, 2016). Cleveland Collection.
Stressed about vacation planning? Follow these 10 simple steps.

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WSGT Travel Writer Badge

AsiaNOMALY in Taipei, Taiwan.” (Aug 2, 2015). We Said Go Travel: Independence Travel Writing Contest 2015.
An essay about moving to Taipei as an adopted Taiwanese-American without any knowledge of Mandarin.

Alight in Thailand.” (Dec 17, 2013). We Said Go Travel: Gratitude Travel Writing Contest 2013.
An essay about the Loi Krathong and Yi Peng festival of light in Phuket, Thailand on November 17, 2013.

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