Santorini Stay at Ecoxenia in Oia

We chose Ecoxenia for our few days in Oia following a gorgeous Santorini wedding. The AirBNB reviews made it a pretty easy choice, but read below for a more in-depth review of a stay here. Spoiler: we liked it. A lot. See the full album of high quality photos of the dreamy property.

Accuracy: 5/5

The Ecoxenia AirBNB page does not have any description, aside from the amenities and how to arrive at the studio, so it checks out as completely accurate.


Communication & Check-In: 5/5

Christopher always responded very promptly, both via e-mail when I was first booked – and when I called to see if we had walked far enough or had already strolled past the building! (Since Santorini doesn’t offer any street names, we were just going off of the postcode in my phone.) But he kindly hopped in his car and drove up to meet us. Christopher was very relaxed and kind. Upon arrival with welcome drink, he offered a thorough introduction to Oia and the whole of Santorini. He made himself available  and approachable throughout our stay and helped us book the minibus to the airport.


Furnishings/ Aesthetic: 5/5

I loved the look of our Ecoxenia studio for 2 sea view. The white interior with blue paint definitely  our Santorini mood. The kitchen area was cute and functional and we really enjoyed our private balcony with patio furniture. The bed is listed as a double; though it is a bit narrow, it suited the apartment. (If you are really struggling with your partner, one of you can sleep on the single bed that normally functions as a bench by the door.)

Ecoxenia didn’t lack character with decorations and fun little nooks to laze in around the backyard, including two loungers beneath an umbrella. The bar area would have been a really nice place to chill out, too, but when we returned in the evening we wanted to get the most use out of our balcony. Another bonus is that Christopher welcomes guests to use the produce in his garden – though we just ended up picking a bit of aloe vera to cure our sunburn from the walk from Oia to Thira…

Cleanliness: 4.5/5

Nothing to complain about in terms of cleanliness. I also appreciated their green initiative of not washing towels and changing sheets automatically every day but by request.


Location: 4/5

The walk is from Ecoxenia to the smooth marble streets of Oia is only 23 minutes according to Google  Maps. But when you are walking uphill and your face is melting beneath your sun hat, the walk takes a bit longer. The walk is also longer when coming back in the dark. (So, I would bring my mom here – especially because the sidewalks were uneven with the large rocks in the concrete.)

The immediate surrounding area had a nice “countryside” ambiance with the tall grass and the donkeys chomping away at said grass, bells ringing in the wind. And Ecoxenia is about equidistant in terms of walking to Playa de Baxedes, though hubs and I were too busy poking around Oia to head his way.  

Value: 5/5

Ecoxenia offers great value and has a much more competitive rate than the other nearby accommodation options. A stay here is completely satisfying and the hike up and down the hill is a good way to save a bunch of Euros.


Overall: 5/5

Wonderful place to stay, didn’t spend too much time there, but good relaxing place to re-charge batteries

  • For an uninterrupted view of the sea, stay on the second floor to enjoy your own private balcony…
  • But if you decide to stay on the first floor, you can still come upstairs to inhabit a small public area to view sunset.

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