Dim Sum 101 (Print Feature)

Chances are big city dwellers, foodies and travelers have tried dim sum. But I am willing to bet that some of my countryfolk in the USA had not heard of the Chinese dining tradition until it was mentioned by Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” (2014). But even Hollywood got it wrong. The main characters plan to grab dim sum at 8:00 PM, while such establishments in Manhattan are not open past 4:00 PM, as noted by blogger Rebecca of This Week in Awesome. Word. Dim sum is typically a Chinese breakfast or early lunch tradition – not a dinnertime occasion, like Spanish tapas.

Dim Sum 101

It’s strange to think that I had not tried dim sum until I visited Hong Kong a few years ago. And even though I went with a local, it was still a little bit nerve-wracking! Not only is the act of ordering specific dishes confusing for first-timers, there are behavioral intricacies, too. The communal and aspect of sharing food is just as important as cuisine itself. But don’t let your social anxiety of committing a faux pas prevent you from trying it out. My latest print (and digital) article with Times of the Islands Media in Florida can inform you of sweet and savory dishes to order, as well as best dining mannerisms.  The print version can be found in both the September/ October 2017 editions of both Cape Coral Living and Fort Myers’ RSW Living. (Otherwise, you can check out the digital version.)

And even if you do not have a trip to Asia lined up, you may be surprised to find a dim sum eatery not too far from you. Visit a Chinatown in any big city to give it go: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. (I’ve had some nice dishes in London‘s Chinatown, too.) But I was also happily surprised to find dim sum in a small town Florida restaurant, so I wish you success in scouting out your first dim sum experience!

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