Although you’ll spend most of your ski trip hitting the snow-covered slopes, traditional Apres Ski activities will undoubtedly brighten your holiday. After all, what’s a ski vacation without warming your toes by the fire, cupping a warm mug of hot chocolate in your hands? Even timid outdoor adventurers, who wereRead More →

St. Kitts Rum Tasting

St. Kitts Rum The St. Kitts rum tasting and cocktails evening was the perfect antidote to London’s typical, dreary winter weather. Rum is typically associated with warm, tropical countries, but St. Kitts rum may be overlooked because St. Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country in the Western hemisphere. EvenRead More →

Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination

Do you miss the days of watching Carmen Sandiego? More importantly, do you miss the mystery of discovering where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Well, I confess I’m no illustrious super villain, but geography and travel lovers can play the Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination game to fill the void.Read More →

Up&AtEm Travel on She Roams Solo

On International Women’s Day, She Roams Solo published an interview with freelance travel writer and Up&AtEm Travel founder, Alison Roberts-Tse, about solo female travel. The new website and online community, abbreviated as SRS, focuses on issues that independent female travelers may face while abroad. The impulse behind the creation of SheRead More →

Networking: schmoozing, boozing and self-promotion, all while ingratiating the other party.  While I’ve been a brand ambassador for large spirits companies, I feel strange promoting myself at the London Travel Massive party. But the private get-together was a great time to meet travel enthusiasts from all over the world! Read More →

Since my travel for budget is modest and vacation days are dwindling, I have resorted to second-hand experience of the other cultures via travel talks and museum or art exhibitions.   A free guided talk from Matthew Williams-Ellis at his photographic “Tales from Latin America” exhibition on October 29 wasRead More →

The Fort Myers Beach Sand Sculpting Championship held in Fort Myers Beach, Florida is essentially an oceanside art exhibit with live demonstrations. The 28th Annual American Sand Sculpting competition included artists from North America and a few international attendees, who collectively created statues from more than 2 million pounds ofRead More →