The Athenian Greek Beer in London

After J and I returned from Santorini, we did not expect to guzzle Greek beers until we eventually headed back some day – maybe to explore the Acropolis in Athens or monasteries in Meteora that balance upon tall rock outcrops. However, when we got wind of Greek beers at TheRead More →

Have you heard of #Crispmas? The HIPCHIPS Christmas dinner in Soho offers Londoners a fun, festive snacking option. Whether the Christmas work party dinner disappointed again – or you need a holiday foodie fix before the 25th – HIPCHIPS Christmas dinner includes three seasonal dips to accompany their hand-made potatoRead More →

Over the past decade, seemingly everyone who enjoys eating, owns a smartphone and regularly uses social media accounts is a self-declared foodie – or unabashedly uses the #foodie and #omnom[nom(nom)] hashtags. Functioning taste buds aren’t even a pre-requisite to fake-it-till-you-make it as an Instagram foodie. Yes, eating should be enjoyableRead More →