You’re probably wondering, ‘What is a travel mascot?’ But if you know that a travel mascot is a stuffed animal or figurine that travelers bring on their journeys, you might be wondering why anyone would bother to pack one for their trip. Travel mascots are great for travelers who don’tRead More →

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo - Paquita

An evening with the Trocks is a delectable treat – from their opening rendition of Swan Lake to their NYC chorus line curtain call. The all-male cast is famous for rejigging traditional ballet scenes, recomposing them to highlight the high drama and silliness that we have become accustomed to inRead More →

Gecko Missing

The Gecko theatre company returns to London’s Battersea Arts Centre to continue their unfinished run from three years ago – when a fire interrupted their show and destroyed their set.  ‘Missing’ has been selected to run during the special Phoenix Season, which celebrates the re-opening of the Battersea Arts CentreRead More →

Animal Massage

Following my ‘Wellness on the Water‘ article about watsu (water massage) and floatation therapy, my article about animal massage has been published in the Jul-Aug 2018 edition of RSW Living. Although human massage is quite popular, animal massage is less well-known. My piece, titled ‘Magic Touch for Pets’, discusses the basics ofRead More →

Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination Game Hey super sleuths, I introduced the Up&AtEm Travel Mystery Destination game to the blog a while ago. However, it has been a year since I posted my last set of clues and videos, so I am going to remind you of the premise of MysteryRead More →

Genée International Ballet Competition

The Genée International Ballet Competition Each year the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) hosts the Genée International Ballet Competition, which is open to dancers aged 15 – 19. Ballet dancers that have passed the RAD Intermediate Advanced 2 examinations in classical ballet with distinction can apply, and 50 dancers are chosenRead More →

The Athenian Greek Beer in London

After J and I returned from Santorini, we did not expect to guzzle Greek beers until we eventually headed back some day – maybe to explore the Acropolis in Athens or monasteries in Meteora that balance upon tall rock outcrops. However, when we got wind of Greek beers at TheRead More →

Trump Protest London Trafalgar Square July 2018

Although news sources forecasted that the Trump protest London attendee numbers (on July 13, 2018) would be in the hundreds of thousands, I was skeptical. However, I chose to attend as an American expat in London, who is dismayed with my President (as much as I would like to sayRead More →

Benefits of a Digital Detox

Believe it or not, bloggers (who need to stay relevant by posting content) and freelancers (who need to stay in touch with current and potential clients) are most in need of a digital detox. A digital detox entails refraining from using digital devices, such as switching off cell phones, tabletsRead More →

While London may be seen as the capital of British culture, the city also does a magnificent job of displaying other world cultures by hosting various celebrations. For instance, the London Dance Umbrella festival specifically features international acts. Many festivities take place in Trafalgar Square – including celebrations of Chinese New Year,Read More →

Although you’ll spend most of your ski trip hitting the snow-covered slopes, traditional Apres Ski activities will undoubtedly brighten your holiday. After all, what’s a ski vacation without warming your toes by the fire, cupping a warm mug of hot chocolate in your hands? Even timid outdoor adventurers, who wereRead More →

St. Kitts Rum Tasting

St. Kitts Rum The St. Kitts rum tasting and cocktails evening was the perfect antidote to London’s typical, dreary winter weather. Rum is typically associated with warm, tropical countries, but St. Kitts rum may be overlooked because St. Kitts and Nevis is the smallest country in the Western hemisphere. EvenRead More →

Winter Wonderland vs. Tropical Paradise 2 - Cover2

Winter inspires many travelers to pack up their bags in search of a tropical paradise. But even though you may need to bundle up, winter holidays in the snow can be just as magical! Travel bloggers share their best winter wonderland and tropical paradise destinations to persuade you to visitRead More →

Winter Wonderland vs. Tropical Paradise

This list of winter wonderlands and tropical paradises, hand-picked by travel bloggers, will inspire you to travel during the chilly months. Although it is tempting to hibernate at home when the weather gets cold, you can actively explore sunny, seaside destinations or picturesque, snowy villages instead of permanently parking on theRead More →

Bear Grylls Fitness at Oxygen Freejumping Croydon

As the Bear Grylls fitness class at Oxygen Freejumping Croydon approached, my excitement mutated into anxiety. My boldness in registering for the arduous obstacle course and exercise session suddenly seemed very foolish… After all, who was I to think that I could aspire to the athleticism, determination and coordination ofRead More →

Although I’m not an Instagram mega-star, my top Instagram posts 2017 demonstrate that the Up&AtEm Travel Instagram account has come a long way since joining in 2016! My #2017bestnine reveals that my travel photos (and insightful or piquant captions, of course) have received 28,000+ likes. I never post all myRead More →

From checking out Macau’s cultural scene to rolling through Colorado in America’s biggest truck, the Up&AtEm Travel highlights 2017 are varied! Although I did not visit any new countries this year, I am just as thrilled looking back on these special trip memories as I was in 2016. Without furtherRead More →

Have you heard of #Crispmas? The HIPCHIPS Christmas dinner in Soho offers Londoners a fun, festive snacking option. Whether the Christmas work party dinner disappointed again – or you need a holiday foodie fix before the 25th – HIPCHIPS Christmas dinner includes three seasonal dips to accompany their hand-made potatoRead More →