Miss Polly Rae - Between the Sheets Hostess

Turn up the fleeting British Summer Time heat with a visit to Miss Polly Rae as she stars in Between the Sheets at London South Bank’s Underbelly Festival. The Underbelly Festival, created from a combination of the Udderbelly Festival and London Wonderground, features short shows at affordable prices. Live performances include comedy, circus, cabaret and more. And if you like a variety of acts, stay for the Between the Sheets performance at 9:30 for a smorgasbord of modern day burlesque.

Miss Polly Rae, the equally affable and seductive hostess, warmly invites all into her boudoir for an evening of sultry entertainment. She casually refers to the gathering as a Friday night orgy and sniffs out fresh meat “burlesque virgins” in the crowd to corrupt. Rae advises us to share sounds of encouragement, pleasure and support during the show – much like lovers are in the bedroom, she suggestively adds.

Photo credit: Jason Moon

Beau Rocks traipses on stage, outfitted with an electric orange wig, matching neon lips and impossibly tall platform heels that are emphasized by a black light. As the number progresses, we find Ms. Rocks is also wearing a matching thong and nipple pasties, too. She confidently struts along stage, shimmies and slathers blue paint on her body. Although slightly reminiscent of Shakira’s “La Tortura” music video, this scene is more fun and “cheeky” – as Rocks’ bum cheeks serve as a canvas for her blue handprints.

Photo credit: Al Veryard

Tom Cunningham and Callum Macdonald show off street style moves, taking off a piece of clothing between each song clip of their music mash up. But more gripping is their intimate contemporary duet. The aerial dancers from Duo Visage also entrance the audience with their circus repertoire. Their limber bodies surrender into back bends and splits on a suspended hoop that spins rapidly as they manoeuvre into precarious holds and daring drops.

But not all of the acts in Between the Sheets are dance-based. Lilly Snatchdragon digs up tired Asian stereotypes, alternating from chirps of Pidgin English to perfectly delivered profanities, in her hunt for a British passport and citizenship. Thankfully, her comedy grows with the animated song, “I’ll Do Anything For Love,” and she earns a bonus point for mentioning the importance of consent.

Photo credit: Jason Moon

Last and opposite from least, sassy spitfire Kitty Bang Bang literally lights up the night as she twirls flaming batons and amazes with her fire eating skills. She closes the show, splashing about in a fire-rimmed absinthe glass, extinguishing flames with her mouth and shaking her flaming tasselled pasties. The feats she performs are impressive enough, but her easy showmanship and blasé attitude really set her apart as a star.

Photo credit: Al Veryard

Between the Sheets makes for a delightful evening romp. A burlesque show in London, where citizens fixate on acting properly and tend to avoid eye contact, is especially refreshing. The performers are not just bold; they are comfortable with themselves. The burlesque troop relishes the spotlight and builds an accepting atmosphere to explore various fantasies, spreading ease to the rest of the audience.

Although “Between the Sheets” has been revived and updated over the years in different venues, the last chance to catch the show at the 2017 Underbelly Festival is 29 September.

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