Animal Massage for Pets (Print Feature)

Following my ‘Wellness on the Water‘ article about watsu (water massage) and floatation therapy, my article about animal massage has been published in the Jul-Aug 2018 edition of RSW Living. Although human massage is quite popular, animal massage is less well-known. My piece, titled ‘Magic Touch for Pets’, discusses the basics of animal massage and how this practice can complement veterinary medicine.

Animal Massage
Photo credit: Keith Whipple

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Since I only have experience of human massage, and Sophie the Vizsla has never experienced a professional massage (my snuggles, unfortunately, don’t count), I learned about animal massage from the local Southwest Florida experts. Thank you very much to both Callie Rulli, the Equine Massage Instructor & Director of Curriculum at the Florida branch of Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage (aka: RMSAAM), and Kris Whipple of Dharma Dog Canine Massage for sharing their time and expertise. It is clear that they are both extraordinarily invested in helping animals through their practices. 

Animal Massage
Photo credit: Kristi Esch of DillEsch Photography

As a former dancer, I know how powerful massage and human touch has positively impacted my life; so I thought that their testimonials of helping various animals, such as dogs and horses, were especially moving. Professional animal massage offers pets more than just a few minutes of pampering; a program of tailored sessions seeks to improve pets’ wellbeing.

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Animal Massage

Animal Massage

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