AlisonAlison Roberts-Tse is a freelance travel and culture writer. She has been haphazardly scribbling in journals since she was a small-town small-fry, and she regularly contributes to Times of the Islands and The Wonderful World of Dance.

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Alison graduated with Degrees in Communications and Dance from the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Upon graduation, she took her first trip to Asia  where she studied Mandarin on a scholarship in Taiwan and unwittingly met her British husband. She now lives in London and obsessively plans getaways, both near and far.

Up&AtEm Travel is a London-based blog that focuses on cultural aspects of travel and expat life. While you can find accommodation, dining and entertainment reviews along with general travel tips, Up&AtEm Travel is shifting to more extensively cover history, customs, festivals, art, architecture and cuisine. The blog’s new format will highlight locals through their own anecdotes and showcase interactions with them in personal travel stories.

Up&AtEm Travel embraces curiosity, learning, reflection and growth during local and international ventures.


  1. Thanks so much for your follow on my travel blog. I’m going to enjoy following your adventures.

    1. Thanks Peggy. I’m looking forward to reading all about your adventures, too!

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